Livigno transfer: how to reach one of the most beautiful ski resort in Italy

Livigno Transfer

For an unforgettable holiday, you have made the right choice. Livigno is a splendid ski resorts in the northern Italian Alps. To make everything perfect, we can arrange for you the best Livigno transfer to and from the nearest airports. This is the best solution to enjoy every moment of your stay, without thinking about the road or the right trip. Livigno is waiting for you!

Livigno airport transfer: where to land for your skiing holiday

The beautiful Livigno is located in a fascinating area of the Northern Alps, called Alta Valtellina. It is in Italy, but it is close to the border with Switzerland. Thus, Livigno is almost halfway between Milan and Zurich. The same distance is from Innsbruck, in Austria. This can be very convenient for the organization of your holiday.

In fact, Innsbruck is the nearest airport, 180 km far away, Milan airport (Malpensa) is 249 km away. Other possible connected landing destinations are Zurich, Brescia or the little Bergamo airport, Orio al Serio.

You can arrange your days in the way you prefer and we will think about the Livigno airport transfer. Our services include all the facilities to travel to and from the airport, included Livigno hotel transfer and Livigno city transfer for every necessity. You don’t have to be afraid for the snow or bad weather conditions, either in the coldest months of the winter. Our drivers are experts and professionals, and they are used to drive around this fantastic alpine village.

Livigno: the paradise for ski and shopping

Probably, you know that Livigno is considered a real paradise for ski lovers. The ski resort is located at 1800 mt above sea level and it boasts 115 km of slopes, available for skiing and snowboarding of varying difficulty. If you love trekking in the nature, you can go across over of 40 km of trails, in a totally wild and breathtaking landscape.

‘Cause of its popularity, Livigno can count on many hotels, resort and guest houses where to spend an unforgettable holiday. Of course, there are as many restaurants and bar where to taste the local cuisine. Don’t miss the “Pizzoccheri” a typical recipe with buckwheat, potatoes, cheese and savoy cabbage. Other typical dishes are made up of wild game meat, local cheese, mushrooms and “bresaola“. For dessert, nature offers us its delicious products, such as apples, blueberries, currants and raspberries.

All the buildings and the architecture of the city of Livigno reflects the alpine culture. You will admire these enchanting sceneries during our Livigno resort transfer from the airport.

But there is another reason if Livigno is such a popular tourist destination. This is because Livigno is a tax free area. First it was for the distance from the other cities, but even when the modern road network was built, the advantage is still active. Shopping lovers will enjoy finding lots of products with an incredible price. Just pay attention to the quantities to bring with you when you leave Livigno, because they are limited.

For every information, do not hesitate to contact our Livigno transfer service and to ask for special needs or custom travels.

Livigno airport transfer

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