Livigno Shopping: all you have to know for your holiday

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For sure, if you choose Livigno for your holidays, you will have to buy a new larger suitcase! If this village is famous for the ski holidays, in fact, is also very popular for its shopping duty free area. And you will have no problem with the baggage. With our Livigno transfer service, we will take care of your personal luggage and of all the things you will buy in this little shopping paradise.

Book your holiday and enjoy Livigno. One of our expert drivers will be waiting for you to take to your final destination, and will you the right tips for the best stay in Livigno.

Why is Livigno a duty-free area?

The benefits for Livigno started in 1538. The Bormio community gave to Livigno the autonomy for the use of the pastures and the woods and other particular benefits. During the years, the distance between Livigno and the other localities permitted the continuation of the advantages.

In fact, until the winter of 1952 Livigno had no communication routes during the cold season and the village was isolated from the others cities. That year was inaugurated the Foscagno Pass, and the development of Livigno as a tourist and ski village took start.

So, today Livigno is still a duty-free area, and it is very convenient to buy a lot of products in the many shops you will find there. In Livigno you will not pay the VAT tax, and you will find very cheap, for example, gasoline, sugar, cigarettes, wine and alcohol, perfumes and cosmetics, electronic objects and many more.

How2Transfer will help you during your shopping

If you will choose How2Transfer for your ski and shopping holiday, we will help you with your suitcase and your baggage. Our drivers know Livigno very well, and they can give you indications for the shopping, and for the quantity of products you can bring with you.

We are experts of the ski slopes and the beauty of the nature around. Livigno is a real paradise and the entertainments don’t miss. Our Livigno transfer service is flexible, fast and reliable.

Livigno shopping: how much do you can buy?

When you leave from Livigno, the duty-free allowance is limited. You need to bring with you fixed quantities of some goods, or you need to respect a maximum value of others.

There are two customs. One at Foscagno Pass for Italy and one for Swiss border. You must declare your purchases and respect the allowance. Just to make some example, during your shopping in Livigno you can buy and bring to Italy:

  • 200 pieces of cigarettes (10 packet carton);
  • 4 litres of wine;
  • 16 litres of beer;
  • 10 kilos of sugar;
  • 5 kilos of meat based products;
  • 5 kilos of cheeses.

If you go to Switzerland, instead, you can have with you:

  • 250 pieces of cigarettes;
  • 5 litres of alcoholics drinks (egual or less than 18% vol);
  • Up to 300 CHF of sugar and cheeses;
  • 1 kilos of meat and meat based products.

We will be glad to help you if you have some questions about quantities or values for your shopping in Livigno, and you can feel free to ask every doubt. We just want that you can have an unforgettable holiday, both for skiing and for shopping and we can promise you that Livigno is the right place for you and your family.

Livigno ski holiday and shopping

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