Courmayeur transfer: a dream at the foot of Mont Blanc

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Courmayeur transfer

Our Courmayeur transfer service wants to introduce you to this charming ski resort, located in the alpine complex of Mont Blanc. Its magic is going to stir your imagination and give you an unforgettable holiday. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and in all Europe. In Courmayeur, a little alpine pearl guarded by its imposing peaks, you will breathe all the fascinated Italian alpine style, with tasty traditional food, good wine, amazing architecture, enjoyment in every season and, of course, the beauty of this wilderness.

The advantages of the Courmayeur transfer service

Enjoy your holiday and choose the Courmayeur airport transfer: you can reach easily every hotel, bed & breakfast, agritourism or guest house. We can offer customized solution for your needs for the complete travel from and to the airport, with a professional and organized service of Courmayeur city transfer. You do not have to waste your time to search public transport and risking delay. You can organize your whole stay day by day: Courmayeur is waiting for you!

What is the more convenient airport for you and your family? Don’t worry, we can arrange transfers from an to the nearest airports, with the best solution for you. We have plenty of possibilities to choose from: buses and minibuses for groups, shared shuttles or private transfers, if you’re looking for an exclusive transport. The closest airport to Courmayeur is Geneva, which is about 116 km. We regularly arrange Geneva airport transfer and private transfer on request. If you prefer to land in Italy, you can rate Turin (Caselle airport) nearly 150 km far away, Milan Malpensa at 213 km or Milan Linate at 235 km.

Do not hesitate to ask all the information you need, for example if you want to know about Courmayeur hotel transfer, whether you are going to reside in a central prestigious hotel or in an alpine hut above the mountains.

Why is Courmayeur the perfect destination for your holidays?

Courmayeur is irresistible if you are an enthusiastic skier, but you will find exciting pastimes suitable for every season. During the winter, don’t miss:

  • Ski and snowboarding;
  • Ski mountaineering;
  • Cross-country skiing;
  • Freeride;
  • Hiking and snowshoeing.

Summer, instead, reserves for you:

  • Trekking;
  • Trail running;
  • Fishing;
  • Golf;
  • Rafting;
  • Rock climbing.

Mount Blanc is 4,810 meters high, and offers more than 100 kilometers of slopes and as many trails in the forests, up to the beautiful breathtaking landscapes of its highlands. Courmayeur, in this amazing world, stands on the sunny side of the mountains. It is a small, pleasant village, really characteristic with a unique and refined architecture. A walk through the narrow streets of the historical center will give you the possibility to discover small shops of local products, but also dresses, souvenirs, high-tech and much else besides. Shopping is another of the most beloved activity of tourists all over the year.

During the Courmayeur resort transfer from the airport, during the summer, you will admire the placid herds of grazing cattle, which produce for us precious milk and tasty meats. Courmayeur restaurants have large menu available, with a choice of dishes of Italian gourmet cuisine. It is influenced, however, by the neighboring France, in a harmony of tastes and flavors that are not found elsewhere. The typical chees is called “Fontina” and it is a sweet, soft cheese that melts in the mouth, seeing is believing! And with Courmayeur transfer service, you will be free from thoughts and you will enjoy your holiday in total relaxation.

Courmayeur Airport Transfer

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