Courmayeur and its king: the Mont Blanc massif

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Mont Blanc - Courmayeur transfer

Mont Blanc is the highest Europe’s mountain. Its history begins millions of years ago, but the conquest by man is much more recent. During your holiday in Courmayeur you will live all the magic of these places. As you know, Ho2transfer will be at your side for a completely relaxing holiday, both for your travel from the airport and the back one. We provide a very high quality Courmayeur transfer service: you will reach your destinations and we will give you all the help you need for the best travel you can image.

The Mont Blanc, its history and nature

The mountain is high over than 4,808 metres. At Courmayeur you can start your ascent to the Mont Blanc. the village lies at the foot of the imponent mountain, surrounded by woods, high mountains and glaciers.

In addition to skiing, the entertainment that attracts the most tourists throughout the year, Mont Blanc offers an endless series of fun. Its granite rocks form the characteristic ridges and peaks. This is a true paradise for rock climbing and ice climbing lovers. There are more or less challenging routes and school camps for children and beginners. The Mont Blanc will give an unforgettable holiday to all members of the family.

Courmayeur is the best access route to Mont Blanc. Here you will find a wide range of car parks, both outdoor and indoor, bus stations and luggage services. It will be even easier to organize and enjoy your holiday if you rely on How2Transfer and our airport transfer service to and from Courmayeur and Mont Blanc.

We will accompany you to your destination with professionalism and experience. We have services available from the nearest major airports, but also from bus and train stations and major cities. You can request personalized and tailor-made services for yourself.

Courmayeur, the gateway to the pristine nature

Over the centuries, all visitors, hikers and climbers have been fascinated by the beauty of Mont Blanc. It is not difficult to observe, just outside the borders of Courmayeur, ibex and chamois grazing, not at all intimidated by people. Nature reigns supreme here, and people are only visitors who are granted the privilege of staying in such magic.

The perfect balance between nature, tourism, sport and skiing in Courmayeur allows you to live an experience to 360 º. You will be able to follow in the footsteps of the explorers of the past. The first ascent of Mont Blanc took place on the 8th of August 1786. On this date we celebrate the birth of modern mountaineering.
On the Mont Blanc you can experience exceptional experiences: sleep in the highest refuge in Italy, have lunch and relax at 3466 meters above sea level, maybe reading a book. At Punta Helbronner, in fact, there is the highest bookshop in Europe.


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