Airport transfers: how to choose the right service for you

Airport transfer

When you book a holiday, some worries are about the travel from the airport to your destination. How to move? How much does it cost? And if the plane delay? How2Transfer gives you all the answers, with a professional and customized airport transfer service for all the main holiday destinations and not only.

We will be glad to help you to choose your best airport transfer for you. The journey from the airport to your holiday destination is really important: it’s the start of your holiday and everything needs to be perfect.

What kind of airport transfer you can choose from?

If you’re a single traveler or a family with children, your needs will be totally different. This is why we can offer many kinds of different services for your travel from the airport and back. Book the property airport transfer will give you the possibility to organize your holiday without time wasting, and with no risk to lose a train or a bus. It’s the best way to minimize your holiday stress, and enjoy every moment of your journey.

With How2Transfer you can book:

  • Shared transfers with shuttle and buses: it’s a punctual and reliable airport transfer service. You can find travels for the main destinations at the cheapest price on the market. Ours are door to door transports: the driver will pick up you at your arrival point, and will bring you to your destination. It’s possible to combine different kind of transports, for examples taxi and buses or taxi and train.
  • Shared airport transfer at fixed times: we have many solutions, connected also with the main trains or buses in the area. It’s a cheap, easy solution. And if the train or the bus is cancelled or delayed, we provide an alternative solution with not additional costs.
  • Private airport transfers: It’s a totally customized transport. You will book just for you (and the persons who travel with you). On the base of the number of people, we can pick you up with cars, shuttle or buses. We will provide you the phone number of the driver, so it will be very easy to find him at the airport.
  • Prestige and VIP Private Transfers: if you prefer, we have a wide range of prestige and luxury cars: Mercedes E-Class, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, BMW or equivalent. On request, the driver will be at your disposal for all the time you need.

The advantages of the airport transfers.

Of course, we are ready to meet every your needs. The benefits to choose one of our airport transfers are many. First, the possibility to organize every step of your holiday: you will know the time of the transports and, of course, the cost. This is very important, especially when a group of friends, or a big family, travel together.

It will be really easy to book your hotel, or the ticket for museum or events. The drivers are experts on the area, and they will be able to give you advice on eventually entertainments, restaurants or things to do during your travel. Airport transfers with How2Transfer are always the right choice.Airport transfer service

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