A journey from Pila to Aosta for a relaxing ski holiday

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Pila is a beautiful ski resort just steps from Aosta. Protected by a natural basin in the Alps, Pila maintains an ideal climate, without being exposed to wind and bad weather. It is the perfect destination for ski lovers and for family skiing holidays.

Reaching Pila, moreover, is really very simple. Thanks to the airport transfer service of How2transfer, in fact, we are able to connect the main airports and railway stations to Pila. You can choose between shared shuttles or an exclusive private transport, tailored to your needs. In any case you will be fascinated by the beauty of this mountain village and the entertainment it offers to tourists.

Discover Pila and its entertainment

Pila ski resort is just 20 minutes far from Aosta. It’s the ideal place for ski lovers but also for fun lovers, who want to spend a day surrender by nature, and go to the city in the evening for a happy hour or a tasty dinner.

Don’t forget that the cuisine in the Aosta Valley represents the perfect mix between Italian and French style. The local products are used in various recipes: cheese, milk, meat, but also fruit (famous the Aosta Valley apples) and good wine.

You and your family will enjoy every moments of your holiday. And with our airport transfer service you can move to and from Pila easily and comfortably.

You can decide to spend a day on the ski, and to sleep in a beautiful chalet immersed in the wood. And maybe, the day after, you could reach Aosta and dedicate your time to shopping and visit the city. Aosta is a very important and historical city, with the rests of the Roman Emperor, museums and cultural interest points. All the ingredients are there for you to live a relaxing and regenerating holiday.

What to do in Pila during your holiday

Pila sky resort is a resort designed for skiing. Over the years have been upgraded and improved artificial snow systems. This way you can maintain the optimal snow quality even during the less snowy winters. Fun in Pila is guaranteed!

The location of Pila, sourrended by mountains, make the climate mild and protected. Just what it takes for a holiday for the whole family.

And after skiing, do not miss a visit to one of the many castles that are located in Valle d’Aosta. Pila allows us to live a holiday to 360º. With How2Transfer and our airport transfer services, it will also be very easy to reach your preferred destinations. Our drivers know Pila and the surroundings very well. You can travel from the closest airports to Pila, but also from railway stations and bus stations.

Your most beautiful holiday is waiting for you. Book now a stay in Pila ski resort and enjoy the charm of the Aosta Valley.Pila to Aosta transfer

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